Sponsor the Y-Preneur Course!

More and more young people are developing an interest in entrepreneurialism and unfortunately, education within this area, is not widely available in schools.

Our Y-Preneur Course is available for everyone to buy, but lower income communities in particular, may not find the course accessible to them. Some of the types of people who may benefit from, but may not be able to afford the course may include:

We are inviting companies and successful individuals, who are passionate about business education, to sponsor our Y-Preneur course, to make it accessible to students within these particular schools and communities.

As a sponsor, you may choose the area, community or school(s) for which you would like to sponsor the course and we will keep you informed with where your sponsorship has gone.

If you would like to purchase the one or more courses, you can do so here:


The Y-Preneur Course for the Community

The Y-Preneur Course allows students to gain an insight into entrepreneurialism, learning how to turn a hobby, talent or interest into a business – while developing key skills such as planning, critical thinking, selling and marketing, profit and loss calculation and much more!


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