Schools: Online Enrichment and PSHE

With the current focus being the need to get children and young people back on track with their education, the YouthPreneur course is a perfect resource to implement in (and out of) classrooms right now. Here’s why:

Students can do this course whether they are attending their school premises or not. The course can be done remotely, using a PC, tablet or phone – making it easily accessible for the great majority of students. This also means that the course can be done between school and home, or during the term time as a class group – and also individually, during the school holidays.

The course contains elements of English and Maths, in line with national curriculum – with scope to use different sections of the course to enhance on more English or mathematically focussed work. For example, Profit & Loss section has a number of maths exercises, complete with calculation breakdowns etc. Teachers can create more scenarios around calculating and problem solving if they want. They can also limit the amount of mathematical exercises they do to fit around time constraints.

There is no need for a teacher to work through every single part of the course with the students. They can introduce a new section with the children and leave them to get on the the exercises – checking in on them (either physically or virtually, depending on whether the course is being done in a physical classroom or not).

Work can be done individually or in a virtual or physical team. The course can be adapted so that challenges can be done in teams or individually.

The objective of the course is to encourage and promote creative thinking, self-confidence and problem solving skills through entrepreneurial education. The students will therefore be doing work that is centred around turning a passion, hobby or interest into a business. As the work is focussed on their interests, students will be more motivated them to learn.

A great PSHE resource. This course covers a number of topics from finance management to resilience and dealing with rejection. It will certainly teach the students a number of skills whilst preparing them for the outside world of work and enterprise.

The course can be used to emphasise the importance of education and how vital it is to our success and the achievement of our goals. Aspects of their school education are incorporated in the various sections of this course. There s also a section on Education Appreciation to further emphasise this message.

To view the course curriculum for our courses, as well as preview some of the lessons, please visit the following links:

The YouthPreneur Online Course for 6 – 9 Years

The YouthPreneur Online Course for 10 – 14 Years

The YouPreneur 15+ Online Course

The YouthPreneur 7 – 14 Years FE Course

The YouPreneur 15+ FE Course

Bulk Purchase Offer – Discounted for Schools

If you would like enrol several classes onto the various versions of our YouthPreneur, you can do so by purchasing the bulk offer at £600 per class. For a class of 30, that is only £20 per student, for 15 – 20 hours of learning within the course. When purchasing the bulk offer, you are able to request different course versions to suit the varied learning abilities within one class. For example, some students may require the focus and engagement version, whilst others can have the standard version of the course.

If wanting to enrol small numbers of students you can do so at the current online discount price, which may work out more cost effective than taking up the bulk course offer.

Individual enrolment means that students can work through the course in their own time, as well as in a group within a physical classroom, or an online class. Homework tasks for completion of certain sections of the course can also easily be set by the teacher.

Upon purchasing the courses, your school would need to send us a list with an email address for each child (ideally a parent’s email address for younger children). We would then create a login for each child and send the login details to your organisation. Teachers and students can use the course comment sections or “contact us” links at any time, with any course queries.

To securely purchase The YouthPreneur online course class offer via PayPal click the button below, or to purchase by BACS (company invoice) please contact us