Creative Learning

In addition to running a variety of creative school clubs across London and Essex, we provide a wide range of creative learning experiences for all people within the community. We run seasonal workshops that cater to special events throughout the year, including and not limited to:

In addition, we run general, year-round workshops. These include:

Family Learning Workshops
From arts and crafts to cupcake decor, we have a wide range of family learning workshops on offer, which do not only encourage positive family interaction, but also provide families with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills that can be continued within the home

Two fathers customising bags for their children at a family workshop

Adult Workshops and Courses
We run a number workshops and courses from one day to 4 or 6 weeks for adults, including glass painting, baking, world cookery, fashion customising and textiles, jewellery making and much more. These courses do not only provide a creative and therapeutic outlet for parents, but they also give them the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as developing existing ones. At our courses and workshops, adults feel a sense of achievement with every session and also get to take home whatever they produce.

A beautiful clay piece, handmade by a mum at one of our creative workshops

Motivational and Business Related Courses
Since writing her book, Starting from the Bottom Up, The Bejewelled Academy Founder, Melissa has created a number of motivational courses to motivate adults and young people, while equipping them with some key business skills. For several years we have been running our Business of Jewellery course, which teaches various jewellery making techniques along with marketing tips and profit and loss exercises. In addition to that, we now run an entrepreneur’s course for business people in the making! This is an exciting, interactive and innovative course which keeps students engaged while learning.  We also run art related motivational courses.

A mock “Start-up shop” As part of one of our business course exercises

For more detailed information on any of our workshops or courses and how to book, please contact us




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