Party Activities

Bejewelled party activities for big kids and little kids!

We believe every party should be fun and memorable and what better way for children and adults to create fun memories with their guests than by engaging in a creative activity with them!

Below is our current list of party activities, which can be catered to children of various ages from toddlers to youths – and also to adults!

Each activity lasts for approximately an hour and is facilitated from start to end by one of our team of creative tutors. Upon booking you will be sent full details of the tutor running the activity, including vetting and DBS details.

If you wish for the activity to be longer or slightly shorter you can contact us and we will try our utmost best to cater to your requirements. You can make an enquiry by completing our form.


NEW! Messy Play!
Great for little ones, our messy play sessions consists of a number of activities from finger painting to roller paints. We provide all table coverings and we ensure that we tidy up after ourselves!  (Make an Enquiry)

NEW! Safe Slime Making!
As it’s the squidgy craze amongst children of all ages, our Borax-free slime making parties are guaranteed to be heaps of fun. Table and floor covers are provided, as well as a “safe slime” recipe card, slime making materials and containers for children to take their slime home in! (Make an Enquiry)

Bling-tastic Fun
This is our jewellery making party activity, where each participant will have the opportunity to make either a bag charm/keyring, charm style bracelet, necklace or earrings using silver and gold plated nickel-free metals, a selection of beads and some handheld jewellery making tools. This is not only fun but will certainly keep everyone engaged for the full hour, as well as giving them a sense of achievement when they have finished their handmade piece of jewellery! They will also receive small organza bags to keep their pieces in. (Make an Enquiry)

Wonders of Clay
Using air-drying clay, each participant will make and decorate a pinch pot or another item in line with the theme of the party. We will bring along floor and table covers to reduce mess! This is a fun session for big and small kids! Disposable aprons are also provided. (Make an Enquiry)

Each participant will customise their own plain shopper bag using paints, fabric pens, stencils, fabric scraps and embellishments. Aprons are provided for this workshop and bags can be the standard shopper size or smaller bags, which can double up as party bags, to take their goodies home! (Make an Enquiry)

Recycled Crafts
Each person will be given a fun set project with some recyclable materials, to either work on individually for themselves or as a group gift to the celebrant. Examples of projects are paper bag ornaments, paper sculpted 3D cards, newspaper gift bags, cardboard frames and much more. This is not only fun, but also eco-friendly and quite insightful for the participants. (Make an Enquiry)

Creative Cupcakes
Using fondant/ready to roll icing, colour pastes and plenty of stencils and moulds, participants will be able to custom decorate a small box of their own pre-made cupcakes. This workshop is heaps of fun and children and/or adults will learn some great techniques for colouring and decorating. (Make an Enquiry)

Little Chefs
As part of the celebration the children can make one item or more from the party food menu, such as miniature gourmet pizzas, biscuits, wraps, smoothies, custom jam tarts, mini cupcakes and more. Items can be catered to specific dietary requirements. Chefs hats and aprons are provided for this session. (Make an Enquiry)

Lego Builders
In our Lego construction session participants will work in pairs or small groups and be given fun construction challenges, working to set timeframes. They will work with lego sets that are suitable for their age groups – older children and adults can use electronic sets and more intricate pieces. Themes and challenges will also be set according to the age group of the participants and will be agreed before the day of the party. Participants will not be able to keep their pieces, but they will have some great interaction time and will have the opportunity to take lots of pictures of their creations at the end of the session. (Make an Enquiry)

K’nex Us
Recommended for older children, from 8 years up, this session will enable the participants to experiment with standard K’nex pieces as well as motorised pieces that they can then use to create scenarios or a short game with the other participants. Participants will not be able to keep their pieces, but they will have some great fun with their creations and will have the opportunity to take lots of pictures at the end of the session. (Make an Enquiry)

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