Online Creative Workshops

It’s been a while since we have been able to get up close and personal with our creative education as we used to! With restrictions ever changing, so many are unable to have laughter and conversation with others, whilst learning a new skill. For this reason we are now offering online creative workshops for parents, children, young people, adults and families!

We have been running workshops with a number of organisations lately and we know what a positive impact this has had on the participants – particularly those who live alone or have very limited contact with friends and family members, for health or other reasons.

If you are an organisation who is looking to run creative workshops with your service users/team, then we are happy to help! Here’s what you need to know:

We have a team of skilled and enhanced tutors available and are able to run a number of online workshops, including:

Basic Sewing/Stitch work

Card Making

Beginners Pinch Pot Making & Clay sculpting (with air drying clay)

Basic Jewellery Making

The above workshops can be catered to various themes according to your preferences and the workshop duration can be anything between 1 – 2.5 hours.

Online Platform
We would run the workshops over your choice of online platform and would need to have hosting or co-hosting permission. Alternatively, we are able to host on our own Zoom platform, provided that participants are happy for us to have their email addresses.

We are able to either provide you with links to order materials for the participants, or we can create craft packs that are delivered to one central location (e.g. your organisation’s premises) for participants to collect before the day of the workshop(s). This will be at a cost dependant upon the number of participants and the type of workshop.

Other Online Learning Opportunities
In addition to one-off workshops we are also able to offer online courses, consisting of a number of daily or weekly sessions over a set period of time. We would provide you with the full curriculum for the courses, which are often are an enhanced version of our existing workshops, with additional elements such as an online challenge or an online team exercise. One popular course we are offering at present, is the interactive version of our YouthPreneur and YouPreneur courses – online entrepreneurial courses for children, young people or adults. Please click here for more information. For further information on all of our courses, or to request an online course/workshop to be setup to your organisation’s requirements, please contact us

Promoting Your Workshops
We are more than happy to help promote workshops that you book with us via social media platforms, groups and more. This is something we do not charge for and can be discussed in more detail upon booking.

Our fee for running an online workshop is £25 per hour, with additional costs for the provision of materials. If you would like to book workshops for wellbeing, creative therapy, education, to bring members of the community together or any other reason, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

Basic sculpting in process at one of our online clay workshops

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