Safeguarding Policy

The Bejewelled Academy
Safeguarding Policy

The Bejewelled Academy is an organisation providing workshops within the community, including a range of after school clubs for children, based within primary schools. The welfare of all of the children and young people we work with is paramount and we are committed to ensuring that children are kept safe in our clubs, whilst taking part in creative learning.

We shall do this by:

We have drawn up this policy on the basis of law and guidance that seeks to protect children, namely:

Our Staff and Volunteers

All of our staff are safely recruited, by obtaining the correct level of Identification, qualification and DBS checks, as well as reference checks and any other pre-employment screening as set out in part 3 of Keeping Children Safe in Education

All of our staff must read part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education, to be made fully aware of the legal requirements of the schools and organisations we work with, but also our own individual responsibility to ensure that we are acting in the best interest of every child we work with.

All of our staff will seek to be made aware of the designated safeguarding lead at every school and will follow procedure should they have any concerns about the welfare of any child we work with or come into contact with.

All staff will also ensure that the safeguarding lead for The Bejewelled Academy is also made aware of concerns and the course of action taken. This information will be securely and confidentially documented.

Where necessary and permissible, our staff and volunteers will have access to the contact details for all parents and guardians of children we work with – either through the organisations we work with or directly through The Bejewelled Academy

All of our staff will work alongside the organisations we work with to ensure that their behavioural and anti-bullying policies are implemented in our sessions

All of the children we work with will always be valued, listened to and respected by our staff and volunteers

Our staff and volunteers will always be made aware of any updated guidance and law with regards to safeguarding procedures for children

Any allegations made against our staff or volunteers will be effectively dealt with by the relevant organisation and management at The Bejewelled Academy


Our policy covers children and young people aged 0 – 18 years and is in place for every child and young person regardless of race, belief or sexuality

We are committed to reviewing our policy and procedures on a 6-monthly basis. This policy was last reviewed onΒ  20th March 2020

Contact Details

Melissa Doussey – Proprietor, Coordinator and Safeguarding Lead – The Bejewelled Academy Ltd

Phone: 07833972438


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