Re-introducing Education

Something rarely taught in schools is the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset: one that thinks out of the box, takes initiative, looks for solutions problems, is courageous and is incredibly resourceful. In today’s world, this mindset is needed now more than ever – and the aim of our Y-Preneur Course is to help cultivate this within our children and young people. There is no better time than now,  to get them started on this educational and insightful journey, which is certainly not only for the young person who wants to go into business. There will be sort term benefits to individual students’ approach to education and challenging situations. In the long term, the skills taught through this course will also have a positive impact on how students view work, business and finances – and this will impact the wider community and ultimately the country’s economy.

Created by an education entrepreneur, the Y-Preneur Online Course is a very detailed and insightful course, consisting of problem solving, marketing tips, planning strategies, profit and loss calculations and scenarios – and a number of other tasks, exercises and challenges that can be completed at home or from home.

As the manager of an alternative provision and having worked with children and young people with various SEMH issues, course creator Melissa has observed that the most effective ways to re-engage such students is to build projects around their interests.

When enrolling on the course, each student has their own individual login and can keep track of their progress throughout the course. They can also work remotely from a laptop/computer, tablet or phone. This means that it is very easy to do the course between home and school, where both teacher and parent can engage with the student and also track their progress.

The course is designed for individual use, but students can enrol at the same time and work through the course together, even partnering on project ideas and taking part in tasks and challenges together.

The course ends with a section on education appreciation, which emphasises just how much of an important role education plays in helping us to achieve our dreams. This is evident throughout the course, as students are not only educating themselves as they work through the course, but they are also drawing on existing knowledge to help them to complete tasks and challenges.

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