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Why The Y-Preneur Course?

Educational is essential – but every individual learns in different ways.

In my current role as an inclusion programme manager – and having worked with children and young people with difficulties and needs ranging from ASD to SEMH, it is clear that alternative forms of education are often needed to keep various children and young people engaged in learning.

Young people with SEBD in particular, often struggle to see how many aspects of education will contribute to their lives and future goals. The Y-Preneur course forms a link between education and future aspirations, while demonstrating the importance of literacy, numeracy and communication skills in every day life.

The Y-Preneur Online Course encourages children and young people to think and plan for their future, based on current interests, hobbies, skills and talents. They are then encouraged to work backwards from their goals, creating a plan and acquiring a range of skills today, that will equip them for the near and distant future. The course is easily teachable and comes complete with a teaching guide.

You can view the course curriculum here

The Y-Preneur Course for Inclusion and Engagement has been specifically created for students with learning and/or behavioural difficulties or challenges.

When enrolling on the course, each student has their own individual login and can keep track of their progress throughout the course. They can also work remotely from a laptop/computer, tablet or phone – making the course easily accessible between home and school, where both teacher and parent can engage with the student and also track their progress. The course can also be worked on individually or in small groups and tasks can be adapted by educators to encourage teamwork and pupil assessment

This course has already been purchased and accessed by individual learners as well as groups and for the last 5 years has been funded by Camden Council as a summer course for 13 – 16 year olds, with consistent, highly positive feedback. A younger learner also recently published a book and has been documenting his business journey, which started with this course:


The expected outcomes of the Y-Preneur course are:

If you would like to enrol a child or student onto the Y-Preneur course, you can do so here. If you are an educational establishment, looking to enrol several students onto the course, please click here

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