Who is the course for?

The Kidpreneur course is for any child or young person who has a hobby or passion and has ever had a fleeting thought about how to make it a reality and ultimately money from it, any child who has an interest in business or any child who would like to know a little more about what it takes to setup and run your own business. Not every child will end the course wanting to be a kidpreneur or future entrepreneur, but every child will learn skills valuable for working life, whether that be innovation, discipline, team working skills, problem solving or something else.

The course has been designed to be taught to children and young people from age 11 upwards (ideally grades 6-8). It is a detailed course, which can be “stripped back” or simplified in order to meet varying objectives, timeframes and learning abilities. The course consists of several activities, challenges and Keynote/PowerPoint presentations, keeping teaching paper-free, visual and interactive

Below is a brief summary of what each course covers and the objectives. Please click on the files, to load the contents pages:

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