Who is the course for?

The Kidpreneur course is for any child who is for any child who has a hobby or passion and has ever had a fleeting thought about how to make money from it, any child who has an interest in business or any child who would like to know a little more about what it takes to setup and run your own business. Not every child will end the course wanting to be a kidpreneur or future entrepreneur, but every child will learn something new and useful for the present or the near or distant future.

The course has been designed to be taught to children and young people from age 9 upwards. It is a detailed course, which can be “stripped back” or simplified in order to be taught to the younger end of the age range or over a shorter period of time!

Below is a brief summary of what the course covers and the objectives.

1. Passion and Partnership
To identify what their passion is in order to help develop a business idea, then to find suitable people to work in partnership with throughout the course
2. Planning & Taglines 
To understand the importance of planning and also how a simple short sentence or phrase can be part of effectively marketing a business or brand.
A brief interactive challenge is included
3. USP
To emphasise the importance of understanding what sets your business idea apart from others. This is key for business survival. 
4. TV Ad Challenge
To get the children to use teamwork and creativity to grasp an understanding of how best to promote yourself with a very limited amount of time. How do you make a lasting positive impression in a short ad?
5. Selling Yourself
A great product or service cannot gain customers or clients if no one knows how to sell it! A fun “Random Sell” exercise is included
6. Profit & Loss
To help the children to gain a basic understanding of profit and loss in business and whether they are making money or losing it!
Profit and loss exercises are included
7. Marketing 
To help the children to gain an understanding of the various ways that they can effectively market or promote their product or service 
8 & 9. Creative Startup Ad Campaign 
This is a 2-session topic. Using play money and a startup marketing “shop” children will purchase services and will need to work as groups or teams to create the best marketing campaign they can for their agreed business idea. Scoring will be included, plus the winning group will be revealed. An evaluation session will take place shortly afterwards
10. Evaluation
To go over the main lessons learnt and potential steps forward for those who would like to explore their inner Kidpreneur further!

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