Value for Money – The Kidpreneur Course

The course is very reasonably priced and is great value for money, but here are a few factors that add greater value!

When purchasing the course, your organisation is effectively purchasing a license to teach the course an innumerable amount of times within that same organisation*

If you decide to to run the course as a paid after school club, facilitated by a teacher, the club will pay for itself within just one term! within education groups, the cost can be split between parents/educators, making it very affordable.

As mentioned previously, the course covers a number of topics and sections can be selected and focussed on according to what you need to enhance or promote within your group – whether that be:

  • A deeper understanding of mathematical calculations, including the use of decimals and problem solving
  • Creative writing skills
  • Teamwork and initiative
  • Self esteem building

If deciding to run the course as a paid after school club within your organisation, we are happy to provide electronic posters and leaflets for promotional purposes.

If you wish to see snippets of the course or to discuss the contents further, please contact us

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