Lego Construction Club

This is a great new therapeutic club, that will not only help children develop their motor skills and critical thinking, but will also help their focus, team working skills and interaction with other. Each week the children will be given projects to construct either in small groups, or as individuals. Some projects will include them individually constructing something that will work together with another child’s creation. Although the constructions won’t be kept, we will photograph pieces with prior permission and at the end of each term, we will aim to create an exhibition of their work.



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K’nex Club (KS2 only)

This is another type of construction club, very different to lego and more technical than classic lego building, but just as much fun. K’nex construction is great for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) area of learning. Throughout the term, children will work individually, in pairs and also in small groups of a variety of K’nex construction projects.


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