The Kidpreneur Course

Now more than ever, it is extremely important to know how to generate multiple streams of income. This is not only important for our personal lives, but also for the lives those around us. Children are being taught many valuable lessons in school, but are rarely taught about the benefits and fundamentals of turning an idea, hobby or passion into something that could have monetary gain and potentially go on to earning them a living. I have personally experienced this myself. You can read more about this here.

My own entrepreneurial journey and experiences inspired the creation of this course. Launched in summer 2018 at a summer provision for young people, the course went exceptionally well and inspired young students to take action in making their business dreams and ideas a reality. We have since started running the course in primary schools, giving children an insight into what running a small business requires and providing them with tips on how they could get started now!

I have spent several months creating this course so that it can be purchased electronically and easily taught within the school day, either as part of Maths, English, PSHE or as an after school club. The course consists of an easy-to-use electronic guide to teaching, complete with colourful and engaging PowerPoint or Keynote presentations for each section. These are downloadable upon purchase. All mathematical problems come with calculations breakdowns and answers on slides, as do the answers for any other interactive challenges, making the prep time for teaching this course very minimal. The course has also been designed to be paper-minimal and children can use mini whiteboards, scrap paper or existing exercise books for planning, drafts and calculations as well as creative tasks. The advantage of this is that for a one-off purchase, this course can be taught multiple times, within the same organisation for years to come! We have also made additional resources available to make learning as effective as possible.

The Kidpreneur course is designed to be taught for as little or as long as needed or required. A number of topics are covered throughout the course, some of which include interactive challenges, games and exercises, which will enhance the learning experience and help children to really grasp the concepts being taught. The children will have the opportunity to put into practice and develop key mathematical and English skills as they complete challenges and exercises throughout this course. The course is designed for upper KS2/lower KS3 level and most certainly meets some of the national curriculum requirements for both English and Maths, as well as being a great PSHE tool.

Course Contents and Who is it For?

Here are some of the topics covered during the course:

– Finding Your Passion
– Tag Lines and Planning
– Selling Yourself!
Profit and Loss Calculations
– Marketing and Creativity

For further details on the contents and who the course is for, click here

When purchasing the course you will receive a free copy of my ebook, Starting From the Bottom Up as well as continuous support, including guidance and advice on various aspects of the course should it be required. You may also request free electronic promotional material for the course if you decide to run it as an after school club within your organisation

Buying the Kidpreneur Course

The cost of the course is £225.00Is it worth it?

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Melissa Doussey – Course Creator and Founder of The Bejewelled Academy