Kidpreneur Express Workshops – London & Essex

Now more than ever it is imperative that we teach children in our country the importance of entrepreneurialism and the benefits it can have personally, but also economically. If you are a school, centre, homeschooling group or community group based in London or Essex, we are able to run Kidpreneur Express workshops at your venue. The course will be a very condensed version of The Kidpreneur Course with a duration of 2.5 hours. In that time the students will take part in a range of activities and challenges and will also learn some practical tips based on my own entrepreneurial experiences as well as best business practice. Please note, we are happy to accommodate the school morning or afternoon break when running the workshop.

The aim of the course is to give children and young people an insight into business and the key skills required to setup and run a business. The workshop also promotes creativity, innovative thinking and teamwork, as well as the use of both mathematical and English skills.

The express workshop will be catered to suit the age range of the participants and will cover the following topics, but can be catered to place more focus on your organisation’s objectives (e.g. focus on teamwork/teamwork challenges or focus on more use of mathematical calculations etc):

  1. Intro & Finding Your Passion – a bit about myself, my journey and the importance of being passionate about what you are doing
  2. Taglines and Ads – inclusive of a 30-second role play exercise in teams and interactive Tagline challenge
  3. The Art of Selling – featuring a fun “random sell” exercise
  4. Profit and Loss – learning and understanding the basic profit and loss formula and using some scenarios to calculate p&l
  5. Marketing Mad – featuring a very brief word-matching or “what am I?” exercise about various marketing types and what’s effective for different types of customer
  6. 3-min Pitch!  A Dragon’s Den style creative pitching exercise in teams. This will be timed with a 3-min cut-off
  7. Round Up – a brief motivational word about keeping up the “momentum” in the face of difficulties as well as Q&As

Every student will receive a free copy of my eBook Starting From The Bottom Up which details my initial startup journey, the struggles I faced and the factors that helped me to overcome the struggles to setup and establish my creative business – as well as the benefits of business.

The cost of the express course is £150.00. We provide all resources needed for the workshop and may only require use of a whiteboard and/or projector if available. If you wish to join forces with a neighbouring institution, or if you wish to run two courses on the same day with two different student groups, you can book two courses at a discounted price of £275.00. Anyone who purchases the express workshop will also have the option of purchasing The Kidpreneur Course – a detailed, lifetime access, classroom-teachable course, at a 50% discount (£137.50). If you are booking workshops with another institution, both institutions will receive the course files and teaching guide at only one cost of £137.50.

For all purchasing options please see below. Courses can by booked securely by PayPal here. You will then need to contact us to book a date to run the course. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase by company invoice, please contact us.

Workshop Package Options