French Fun – KS1 or KS2

The children will learn a variety of jewellery making techniques and will be able to practice these techniques while making actual pieces of jewellery.  They will have the chance to experiment with different materials, colours, shapes and sizes, and will be able to keep whatever they make.

On the second half of each term, the children will be set a project, where they will need to design a particular piece/set according to the new techniques learned.

(Audio example of what the children have been learning this term)

Spanish through Arts Club – Spanish Vocab KS1

At this club, the children will learn get to learn the basics of the second most spoken language in the world. To make learning fun, the club will use art – children will create their own imitation of famous paintings as well as creating 3D art and art through recycled materials as well as other art projects. Through this, the children will build vocabulary as they explore and discuss various aspects of their artwork and artwork that they are studying in Spanish! From here they will build phrases.

Spanish Conversation – KS2

At this club, children will learn basic-intermediate Spanish phrases and will learn to ask and answer general questions. To help develop their spoke Spanish, they will participate in role plays, games and tests, working in pairs and in groups as well as individually.


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