Bakery Club

This is a great club for children who want to learn to be creative in the kitchen!

The children will be taught how to make the most of their ingredients and what methods to use to get the best results!

They will also be taught health & safety and food hygiene procedures. The children will learn to make a variety of food at this club, including the ever popular cupcakes! They will also learn techniques for decorating, including making their own icing and moulding fondant for decoration.

(Here are some examples of previous work done in some of our bakery classes)

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World Cookery Club

At this club, children will be able to learn to make a variety of sweet and savoury dishes from various parts of the world, while learning a little about the culture of the country from which each dish originates. Regions may include: Mediterranean, South American, Asian, Caribbean and more. Specific countries are detailed in our termly lesson plans.  All recipes are nut free.

Foodie Treats

This is a new club that we are now offering (where use of a kitchen is limited or not possible) – We will be teaching the children how to make tasty no-cook treats, which they will easily be able to copy at home with friends, siblings or other family members. Examples include – no-bake cheesecakes, dip varieties (such as humus and guacamole), wraps, fruit medleys, smoothies and more…

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