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Our Youthpreneur online course

Let’s prepare our children and young people to thrive in today’s world! 

Something rarely taught in schools is the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset: one that thinks out of the box, takes initiative, looks for solutions problems, is courageous and is incredibly resourceful. In today’s world, this mindset is needed now more than ever – and the aim of our YouthPreneur Courses is to help cultivate this within our children and young people. There is no better time than now,  to get them started on this educational and insightful journey. In the long term. this will have benefits individually, but also for the wider community and for our country’s economy.

Created by an entrepreneur, the YouthPreneur Online Course comes in two age ranges: 10 – 14 years and 15 – 19 years. Both courses consist of problem solving, marketing tips, planning strategies, profit and loss calculations and scenarios – and a number of other tasks, exercises and challenges. The 15 – 19 course has a stronger focus on resilience than the younger level course and has a section dedicated to resilience and how to bounce back when things don’t got to plan!

Now is a great time to invest in the course, as it has been heavily discounted to make it more accessible during this period. The course can also be done remotely from a laptop, tablet or phone and it can be done at the student’s own pace. 

To preview lessons, view curriculum or purchase the 10 – 14 YouthPreneur online course, please click here

To preview lessons, view curriculum or purchase the 15 – 19 YouthPreneur online course, please click here