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Who is Your Target Customer?


A “target customer” is the type of person that a company will expect will be most attracted to their service or product – and therefore most likely to buy from them.  For example, a shop that sells baby clothes will have two main types of target customer:

  • Parents
  • Expectant parents (pregnant women and dads-to-be)

Of course there will be other customers (friends and relatives who will buy gifts too), but the main customers are likely to be the two listed above.

Who is your target customer?

Here is a brief narrative about the target customer for The Bejewelled Academy’s after school clubs. It could be a he or she in my case, but for the purpose of the exercise I have called my target customer “Jane”

Jane is a headteacher at a school. She is passionate about her job and about being able to offer the best educational experiences and opportunities to her students. She is constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to enrich her children in and out of the school day. She may have some clubs running at her school already – the typical homework and sports clubs, but she is looking for something new and unique to add to her offer of clubs and workshops. She is, like many other schools, on a limited budget, but his happy to invest in something that will have positive outcomes for the students and will also be of interest to parents.

There are many headteachers who could fit the above description, so this is the general profile of my target customer. I now need to use suitable marketing methods to reach my target customer and sell my service to them.

Using the worksheet below or your own document, write a narrative of your target customer. You can give them a name and include their interests, their personality, their day to day activities etc. You will find questions on the worksheet to help you:

Target Customer Worksheet

Target Customer Example Worksheet

Later, in the Marketing section we will go through different ways to market our product or service, so that you can make sure you are reaching your target customer.

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8 thoughts on “The YouthPreneur 10 – 14 Online Course

  1. Ambuka Landers says:

    hello, I;m interested in this for my 13 yr old son, but I feel I would need to see some of the materials first to check if it will be the kind of thing that holds his interest. he is home -educated cos his minds works in its own unique way. its hard to imagine if this will be up his street – tho the timing is just right as he has expressed an interest in making his own business. is there a way to get a sneak peak at the kind of thing it entails? x x

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi, I’m interested for my 12 year old.
    Is there a certificate of completion and how many hours does the course take Please?

    • thebejewelledacademyblog says:

      Hi Gerry,

      Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion with a motivational note upon completion of the course. The course contains over 15 hours of learning time, but how long spent on each section really depends on each child/young person. This 15 hours does not include tasks that students are assigned to do themselves, such as continued selling practice, business idea presentation/proposal etc.

      Once enrolled, students will have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, so they can do it at their own pace


  3. Eliana says:

    Hi, were can I see the preview of the classes? I am interested for a 12 years old boy. Thanks

  4. Dawn Hennessey says:

    Hi, I am a foster carer, would my 12 year old granddaughter be able to do the course along with my FC? My granddaughter would really benefit from this course.
    Many thanks

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