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What is a tagline?

A tagline is a very short catchphrase or slogan, especially used in advertising

For example, the tagline for the Bejewelled Academy is “Inspire, Create, Educate” – These three words express exactly what the company is all about in one very short phrase.

Another example is a tagline created by other students of The Kidpreneur Course. Their business idea was a company that designs and creates toys and household items to suit each customer’s individual requirements. Their tagline was “Grant a million dreams”

As we know there are many companies that we know and love, whose tag lines we also know very well. When a tagline does it’s job, it can be as effective as the logo and company name, meaning that if someone says that phrase, you will remember the company or brand straight away, or if you see the company’s logo or name, you will remember the tagline straight away.

Without checking online or asking anyone see if you can remember and write down the tagline for each of the images below:

Click on the link below to reveal the answers:

Taglines Answers (play the file and click for each answer to be revealed)

Based on what you have learnt about taglines, try to come up with a tagline for your company! Remember, to:

1.) Keep it short (up to 6 words as a guide)
2.) It should relate to either what you do, what you stand for, or what you want customers to feel or experience when they do business with you. 

One thought on “Taglines

  1. AllaP says:

    this was quite easy at the beginning however the part where you had to come up with your own was trickier because here wasn’t a lot of help and information on how to do so

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8 thoughts on “The YouthPreneur 10 – 14 Online Course

  1. Ambuka Landers says:

    hello, I;m interested in this for my 13 yr old son, but I feel I would need to see some of the materials first to check if it will be the kind of thing that holds his interest. he is home -educated cos his minds works in its own unique way. its hard to imagine if this will be up his street – tho the timing is just right as he has expressed an interest in making his own business. is there a way to get a sneak peak at the kind of thing it entails? x x

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi, I’m interested for my 12 year old.
    Is there a certificate of completion and how many hours does the course take Please?

    • thebejewelledacademyblog says:

      Hi Gerry,

      Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion with a motivational note upon completion of the course. The course contains over 15 hours of learning time, but how long spent on each section really depends on each child/young person. This 15 hours does not include tasks that students are assigned to do themselves, such as continued selling practice, business idea presentation/proposal etc.

      Once enrolled, students will have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, so they can do it at their own pace


  3. Eliana says:

    Hi, were can I see the preview of the classes? I am interested for a 12 years old boy. Thanks

  4. Dawn Hennessey says:

    Hi, I am a foster carer, would my 12 year old granddaughter be able to do the course along with my FC? My granddaughter would really benefit from this course.
    Many thanks

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