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In the Face of Rejection


Your approach to rejection will be the difference between failure and success

“Since we are human and have feelings and emotions, it is only natural that we will be affected by rejection and “failure”. We all want to be loved, appreciated, wanted, needed and that is the same for anything that we create. `However, the fact is that not everyone will like us and not everyone will need us, or our services, or our products – but someone will! Until we reach that someone, we will be met with many a “no” or a “sorry, not this time” or “sorry, we already have something similar” – this is inevitable. So, now that we know it’s inevitable and we also know that it is likely to get us down, the sensible (in fact smart) thing to do is to ensure that we will always be able to dust ourselves off and continue on our journey to personal success. We can do that by arming ourselves with something that will counteract the very thing that attacks our emotions. “

How do we guard ourselves from the negative effects of failure and rejection?

It is really important to keep a positive mindset when it comes to your goals and the things you want to achieve. If you read the success stories of others, whether they are children, young people or adults, you will find that the great majority of them had many struggles before they had a breakthrough or before they became successful. Knowing that you are not the first and only one to have setbacks, rejections or to have made mistakes is both encouraging and comforting.

Whenever I feel demotivated I look at my dreams and plans. I envision in my mind where I want to be and I also look at pictures of where I want to be! I look at them and say to myself “I might not be there yet, but Im on the way!” This helps me to keep motivated and to keep going.

This is the reason I asked you to write down, draw or use pictures for your “why” in the planning section of this course. You will face moments that may discourage you, but your “why” is what will keep you going!

When I feel negative, I speak positively! I look for motivational stories and quotes – whatever will keep my mind positive so that I can keep fighting towards my goals!

Mindset is very important. Your attitude towards so-called “failure” is what determines your next steps. If you see failure as something negative then it will get you down. Whenever something does not go well for me in business, or in any other area of my life, I may feel disappointed and upset for a moment – this is natural. However, I quickly try to see what I can learn from those moments or situations and how I can better myself going forward. With every mistake, with every mishap, with every ‘no” there is something to be learnt. Successful moments are great confidence boosters, but moments of “failure” and rejection are great teachers! They build character and help us to develop and improve. Don’t allow your opportunity to learn be overshadowed by feelings of disappointment, sadness or shame. Learn and keep moving forward. The fact that you have “failed” or had a delay or setback means that you are trying – so you are already on the right track!

Remember to always have your “why” close-by!

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8 thoughts on “The YouthPreneur 10 – 14 Online Course

  1. Ambuka Landers says:

    hello, I;m interested in this for my 13 yr old son, but I feel I would need to see some of the materials first to check if it will be the kind of thing that holds his interest. he is home -educated cos his minds works in its own unique way. its hard to imagine if this will be up his street – tho the timing is just right as he has expressed an interest in making his own business. is there a way to get a sneak peak at the kind of thing it entails? x x

  2. Gerry says:

    Hi, I’m interested for my 12 year old.
    Is there a certificate of completion and how many hours does the course take Please?

    • thebejewelledacademyblog says:

      Hi Gerry,

      Yes, students will receive a certificate of completion with a motivational note upon completion of the course. The course contains over 15 hours of learning time, but how long spent on each section really depends on each child/young person. This 15 hours does not include tasks that students are assigned to do themselves, such as continued selling practice, business idea presentation/proposal etc.

      Once enrolled, students will have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, so they can do it at their own pace


  3. Eliana says:

    Hi, were can I see the preview of the classes? I am interested for a 12 years old boy. Thanks

  4. Dawn Hennessey says:

    Hi, I am a foster carer, would my 12 year old granddaughter be able to do the course along with my FC? My granddaughter would really benefit from this course.
    Many thanks

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