The YouthPreneur 7 – 14 Years Online Course FE

20 weeks
All levels
17 lessons
2 quizzes
15 students

As an entrepreneur and mentor, I am extremely passionate about sharing the many skills, experiences and lessons I have learnt and gained on my entrepreneurial journey… I currently run 2 creative businesses, have written an eBook, have had my products sold out with a major online retailer as well as with boutiques in and around London. I have been featured in press and have had the pleasure of helping others on their startup journey. I started out on my business journey as a young adult and one thing I often say to myself is “I wish I had been able to start younger! I wish I knew what I know now, earlier on in life!”

The YouthPreneur 7 – 14 Years FE course consists of the same content, activities and tasks as the other YouthPreneur courses, but with a prolonged course duration, a few more videos to replace the text and adaptation of some of the wording, so that the course is grasped by all students within the wider age range. FE stands for “Focus and Engagement”

This course is intended to help children and young people who are disengaged from classroom learning and struggling with learning motivation, to regain focus and engagement by working on something that is based around their interests. Once the course has been completed, students will be emailed a certificate of completion 🙂

The YouthPreneur FE Course promotes innovation, self-confidence, use of the imagination and much more. Having had mentoring experiences with ADD and ADHD children, I believe this is a great educational tool to be worked on at home and school, with parents and teaching (something which will also promote a healthier relationship between parents and teachers)

Once purchased, students will have up to 20 weeks to complete the course.

PLEASE NOTE – You will need to register in order to complete your purchase of the course. Click on the “Buy this course” button and then click “login” you will then be redirected to a page where you can register. Please contact us if you have any queries. 

If you are an educational establishment, wanting to buy this course in bulk please see details on our class offer or contact us

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