The YouthPreneur 6 – 9 Years Online Course

6 – 9: Thinking Outside of the Box!

When turning your passion into a business, you need to be able to think boldly and creatively. You need to have initiative and self confidence. In other words, you need to think outside of the box! My biggest breakthroughs in my business and in other areas if my life have happened when I thought outside of the box and took bold and not-so-usual steps. Thinking outside of the box does not mean breaking rules, rebelling or being disobedient. It simply means to find a way around a problem in order to get a breakthrough or solution. Here is one of my examples as detailed in my book:


A screenshot of one of my pieces online

If you truly believe in something, you will find a way to make it happen – and even if it doesn’t happen as you expected, you will learn valuable lessons – lessons that will help you improve as a person and improve in business. In short, thinking outside of the box will always pay off one way or another!

There is no exercise attached to this lesson – just remember the above example when you face a “bump in the road” on your business or work journey and let it motivate you to think outside of the box!



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