The YouthPreneur 6 – 9 Years Online Course

6-9: Taglines

What is a tagline?

A tagline is a very short catchphrase or slogan, especially used in advertising

For example, the tagline for the Bejewelled Academy is “Inspire, Create, Educate” – These three words express exactly what the company is all about in one very short sentence.

Another example is a tagline created by other students of The YouthPreneur Course. Their business idea was a company that designs and creates toys and household items to suit each customer’s individual requirements. Their tagline was “Grant a million dreams”

There are many companies that we know and love, whose tag lines we also know very well. Tag lines are a very good way of remember the company even when you don’t see their logo.

Without checking online or asking anyone see if you can remember and write down the tagline for each of the images below:

Click on the link below to reveal the answers:

Taglines Answers (play the file and click for each answer to be revealed)

Based on what you have learnt about tag lines, try to come up with a tagline for your company! Remember, to:

1.) Keep it short (up to 6 words as a guide)
2.) It should relate to either what you do, what you stand for, or what you want customers to think or experience when they do business with you. 

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