The Kidpreneur Online Course For Schools

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The Kidpreneur Online Course is a great classroom tool as it can be done with the teacher’s interaction, or used as an independent or teamwork resource. Recommended for ages 10 – 14 years, it is a good post-SATs activity (year 6), classroom supplement for Maths, English, IT, Business Studies and/or PSHE, “drop-down” day activity or even an after-school resource.

This course is great for boosting confidence, as well as preparing children and young people for the world of work and business by promoting a number of transferrable skills and abilities, such as:

  • The importance of planning – including a planning strategy
  • Profit & Loss calculations
  • Developing selling confidence
  • How to market your product or service
  • The importance and positive impacts of thinking outside the box
  • Dealing with rejection
  • …And much more!

I have been in the business of creative education for over a decade and for the past two years I have been teaching entrepreneurial workshops to children, young people and adults in schools and centres nationwide.

Throughout this course I draw on my own startup experiences as detailed in my eBook “Starting From the Bottom Up” which can be found here

You will also receive a free copy of the eBook with this course.

The course consists of lessons, quizzes, exercises, PowerPoint presentations and challenges, making for an interesting and insightful learning experience for students. It also promotes the importance of education and how it plays a vital role in our future choices and work life. 

Once enrolled, students will have a maximum of 12 weeks to complete the course.


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