Category: Spring Into Action 2020

  • Passing on the Resilience

    Passing on the Resilience

    The effects of the current pandemic have impacted many of our children in ways that we ourselves did not experience growing up. I remember being a young teenager, that school life was pretty much my life!

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  • Something New!

    Something New!

    I’m on lots of social media groups and have seen many posts about small businesses and self-employed people who are now suffering due to the pandemic and inability to do “face to face” business. I can certainly empathise! I have run a creative learning business for the past 10 years, as well as a children’s…

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  • Spring Into Action – Perspective!

    Spring Into Action – Perspective!

    Happy April! Needless to say many, if not all of us have started a new month in a completely different way to what we had imagined. “Unprecedented times” is the most common phrase heard at the moment – and in truth, an understatement! There is much uncertainty at the moment, for health, education, income, careers…

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