Activity Packs

Would you like to help your child discover their passion and potential, while promoting creativity, enhancing their imagination and introducing them to the world of enterprise? If the answer is yes, then our YouthPreneur Imagination and Creation activity packs can help you to achieve all of those things.

Our new packs have been carefully designed for two age groups: 6 – 9 years and 10 – 14 years and consist of a range of activities, designed to get participants thinking creatively, exploring different ideas and taking inspiration from their surroundings. The activities in the pack include:

  • A scenario complete with tasks for your children/young people to brainstorm and develop their ideas
  • A related craft task – with a range of craft materials provided
  • A word maker grid activity
  • A mathematical exercise, which introduces the concept of profit and loss – complete with calculation breakdowns and answers
  • An A4 motivational poster to decorate and display
  • Additional task suggestions, to help expand ideas as well as to get students thinking about their community.

This pack is a great introduction to our YouthPreneur Online courses, which are packed with information, practical advice, tips, activities and challenges to promote entrepreneurial thinking.

Our Imagination and Creation activity pack costs £12.50 inclusive of UK postage and packaging and consists of:

  • The above structured activities
  • Colour pencils
  • Pencil and sharpener
  • Glue
  • A selection of felt and foam pieces
  • Sequins
  • Card and paper

To buy our Imagination and Creation pack please click here (you do not need a PayPal account to complete your purchase):

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