Spring Into Action – Perspective!

Happy April!

Needless to say many, if not all of us have started a new month in a completely different way to what we had imagined. “Unprecedented times” is the most common phrase heard at the moment – and in truth, an understatement! There is much uncertainty at the moment, for health, education, income, careers and the list goes on…However, what makes a difference to our individual situation is our perspective on it.

At the moment there is so much that we cannot control. but what we can control is our mindset. Instead of being plagued with worry while we await results, replies, responses, conclusions, we can choose to make the most of the moment that we are in.

We can choose to enjoy the extended company of our children, who are growing so quickly, that one day they will be too busy to spend us much time with us as we would like. We can choose to cherish having our immediate loved ones close-by – and for those who are far, we can enjoy learning and getting used to the many wonders of technology that help to keep them virtually close!

We can choose to develop a new skill – something we never previously had time for, be-it at home or online. We can tick off some of the domestic things that with every week, were moving further down on our list of to-dos.

In short, if we are looking for a reason to be positive in the midst of this crisis, we will find more than one!

Let’s put things into perspective – we cannot wish the current situation away (as much as we would like to), but while many things are out of our control, let’s grab hold of the things we can control and make them work out for our good!

Today, change your perspective on something that has been getting you down. Choose to see the good in that situation and take action according to the good you have found. You will see how much of a positive mental impact this will have!

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