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A Season to Be-jewelled!

Creative Workplace Workshops for November and December

The Bejewelled Academy was founded in 2009 by Melissa Doussey, a London based costume jewellery designer maker and tutor, with collections selling at UK outlets including Melissa and her team facilitate a number of creative workshops for children, young people and adults, and have worked with a large number of organisations in and around London, promoting creative learning within families, schools and in the workplace.

This November and December we are offering a range of creative workshops for the festive season. Our workshops can be adapted for creative development, staff wellbeing, corporate hospitality and more. Please see below for details of some of our general workshops on offer. We are also more than happy to create bespoke workshops for your organisation, in order to reflect a theme or meet an objective of your choice:

  1. The Great Christmas Upcycle! – Staff will learn to create Christmas gifts from old items, such as broken jewellery that can be turned into something brand new, fabric scraps that can be used to make a small accessory and newspaper gift bags or paper roll decor! A range of materials and small projects will be available at this workshop
  2. Jewellery Making – Stocking Fillers/Gifts Workshop – Staff will learn to make key rings/bag charms, or jewellery sets for stocking fillers – using a range of jewellery making materials and handheld jewellery tools.  This is a great therapeutic, team bonding workshop, offering staff the chance to make items for each other as a “secret santa” or after picking “names out of a hat” – or to simply learn new creative skills and make small gifts for their friends and family members. No previous experience is required – and every participant is guaranteed to end the workshop having made at least one piece that resembles shop quality jewellery.
  3. Customised Christmas Stockings – Staff can learn to make and decorate their very own Christmas stocking from scratch, or simply customise some ready-made plain stockings using a range of materials, embellishments and techniques.
  4. Card Making – Staff will make, decorate and package their own set of personalised festive cards, using stencils, stickers and many more card making craft materials – which they may want to send to fellow colleagues. As a corporate exercise, teams can also make a range of company themed festive cards to send to clients or customers.
  5. Festive Decorations – A fun workshop promoting teamwork, staff can work in groups to create their own winter or festive themed office decorations! A range of ideas will be available to get their creative decor juices flowing.
  6. Festive Bakes – Staff will learn to make gingerbread men or cupcakes or make their own mince pies, which they can share in the office, or take home to enjoy. For organisations where there are limited kitchen facilities, staff can simply decorate ready made bakes, which is also great fun! They may want to decorate gingerbread men to fit in with the theme of the company!
  7. Festive shopper bags – Using plain cotton shoppers, staff will create stencils or use ready prepared stencils and print/paint their own designs using fabric and acrylic paints, to produce your their own personalised  festive shoppers. Again, this can be themed around anything of the company’s choice or staff can use their own creative freedom!

COSTS – The tutorial costs for the above workshops are £28.00 per hour – based on one tutor, plus additional costs for materials, which depend on the number of participants and workshop duration. All workshops are approx 2 hours long and usually only require one tutor, but can be catered to run for a longer or shorter time and for a large group.

OUTCOMES – Whether for corporate hospitality, staff wellbeing, development or team building, all of our workshops give participants an opportunity to build their creative confidence and learn something new,  whilst enjoying a fun activity. As a company we will endeavour to meet the objectives of your organisation and will outline these clearly in our session outlines.

All tutors are enhanced DBS checked. To find out more about our workplace creative workshops or to make a booking, please contact Melissa Doussey on  or on 07833 972 438

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