New! Creative Motivation Workshop

The Bejewelled Academy has launched a brand new workshop combining creativity with motivation and inspiration!

Created and facilitated by founder Melissa Doussey,  the workshop aims to provide participants with a 2-hour interactive, motivational experience. Melissa, author of “Starting from the Bottom Up” will share her journey of how she went from employee to company owner and the difficulties she encountered on her journey, as well as the many lessons learnt along the way. She will cover common struggles that women in particular face and how she was able to overcome and achieve her goals.

The journey will be illustrated through the group’s production of a piece of craft. While participants are hand-making their pieces, each step of the process will have some significance to Melissa’s journey as well as their own.

Participants will also have the opportunity for a group discussion as well as questions and answers. They will finish the workshop not only being motivated and educated, but also with something beautiful that they have made as a representation of what was discussed.

“I’m really excited about this brand new session because it’s not just a creative workshop and it’s not just a motivational speech – it’s the combination of both and will offer the participants a new, interactive experience. My aim is that each person leaves this workshop inspired, empowered and with a physical reminder of what they received” says Melissa Doussey

Please click the video below for Melissa’s brief about the workshop. If you are interested in potentially running the Creative Motivation workshop at your organisation, please get in touch


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