Lego Club

Our Lego clubs have been running in various schools around the country with children of all different ages.

The purpose of these clubs, is to help bring children together and to build their confidence creating something from their imaginations and constructing those creations form the ground up.

Here’s what we have been up to in Lego Club.

Last term in Lego club our little creators were busy using their imaginations and different themes set by our tutors to create some Lego masterpieces. There is never a right or wrong way for a child to interpret a given theme and we applaud all the work that they create.

At Bejewelled, Lego has become one of our most popular classes with schools and children. Our classes have a variety of age ranges where the children can work together in teams to create objects through theme based lessons.

Last term we went over skyscrapers, bridges, animals, secret hideouts and mobility. Here is some of the work that our very talented students produced.


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